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If you are humidifying a HAMMERED DULCIMER, I would recommend the cello sized dampit which can be purchased here: These can usually be placed in the back of the instrument

If you are humidifying a MOUNTAIN DULCIMER, DEPENDING on the size of your sound holes...MEDIUM TO LARGE SOUND HOLE... I would recommend the original dampit which can be purchased here:


Room Humidifier

An AFFORDABLE DIGITAL hygrometer! Best safe guard so no more wondering or guessing if your humidity leels are where they should be!


This is THE BEST Humidifier I have EVER used! Small and compact, EASY FILL, Quiet, and works amazingly well! I love this thing!
Micro Clip-on Tuner
Genesis 100 Instrument Stand
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I REALLY like the Shubb Capos over the clamp pr spring loaded type which over time can wear the finish off the back of the neck! The Shubb works on a cam system, adjust it with the finger screw one time and you are set to go! Very neck friendly! I've listed several hereand the main differences are nickel and brass. I use brass on my instruments with the brass hardware. One other option I have included for both banjo and guitar is the Shubb Lite Series. I have a few of these and love them! They are aluminum and very light weight doing the same job as the nickle or brass!

​(Lite ​Green)

(Lite Silver)


Guitar (Brass)

Guitar (Lite)



Steve Kaufman's
Bluegrass Workout
​Book 1 & 2

I absolutely love both of these books and in my opinion, two of the best "play-a-long" tools out there! Each book has 48 or so tunes, mostly fiddle tunes and great for any old-time player whether it is hammered dulcimer, clawhammer or mountain dulcimer and includes four one hour CDs...FOUR HOURS of playing with a band at a medium and fast speed! Watch video for complete description

Dulcimer/Guitar Straps

The reason I like these straps is BECAUSE the ends are faux leather. I have found that many leather strap ends are so thick you have to struggle and wrestle and fight to get them on an off. These have thinner pieces of leather which makes it much easier and the are adjustable as well.
In my opinion, the Gold Tone CC-50 is THE BEST introductory banjo out there! They are one of the most affordable and from personal eperience sound and play GREAT! The playability of this instrument is the same quality as their most expensive instrument. I've seen beginner banjo that were, well, terrible...cheaply made with the issues of the same. The GOLD TONE CC-50 is a well made quality instrument and well worth the money!

Mountain Dulcimer Capo

Easy to use, sounds great! ​Switch keys without having to relearn the tune!

This capo is made in the USA, and will accomodate fretboards up to 1 9/16" in width.

Follow me:

Cell Phone/Camera Clamp

Cell Phone Tripod Mount

Flexible Gooseneck Cell Phone/I Pad "Tripod"

I LOVE this gadget. Its extremely veratile, sturdy and strong. Adjusts to just about any angle and great for recording. I pretty much take this wherever I go...workshops, festivals, and even kayaking! I can't recommend this high enough! (It's worth the price!)
Vastar Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder for iPhone/Samsung Galaxy/Nexus and More Cell Phones Use on Tripod, Monopod, Selfie Stick, Tabletop Tripod Stand and More
Another great product! I use this exclusively to record all my Hammered Dulcimer Lesson Videos allowing you to get any angle imaginable! I sincerely love mine!

Practice Learn to Jam CD

Instrument Wall Hanger

Phone/Camera Tripod

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this DVD! First, most of these tunes are in D and most of them are fiddle tunes. Yes, it says bluegrass, but I have personally used this DVD in several string band clubs for play along with hammered dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, and clawhammer banjo, autoharp and more! Very easy to understand and follow and even allows the option to just see the guitar player's left hand to learn what the chords look like so you could follow in a live jam. This is an EXCELLENT learning tool!
These wall hangers are GREAT! I use them for all my instruments I play that I want quick access to. The forked cradle is soft and padded and are bendable to tighten a bit if needed. This does work great for mountain dulcimer too with a flat peghead, guitar, banjos, mandolins etc.
I have been wanting to share this since I got one for Christmas this past year. It works great, rotates, and sturdy with a great design! PERFECT for recording yourself and can be angled to right where you need it! These also have a risk-free lifetime warranty! Check them out! THis is small and handy!

Festival/Camping/Emergency Headlamp

Okay, I like flashlights and headlamps and have bought several over the years. However I have never seen ANYTHING like this one! This is PERFECT for the unexpected emergency OR Festival/Camping light. No more trying to carry instruments and maneuver a flashligh, see everything around you, and or night time roadside emergency which none of us expect, but they happen. Its the brightness and area of light that blew me away!

Aklot Ukuleles

I am EXTREMELY impressed with the Aklot Ukulele line. Every Instrument has the same professional craftman'ship and quality. Solid-top Instruments, bone bridges, and nuts, low action, quality stay in tune tuners, excellent intonation all the way up the fretboard,something one would expect in any professioanl instrument and yet suprisingly affordable! 
Excellent for children or folk with small hands, clean and clear tone, solid top mahogany...very impressed!
Perfect for smaller hands, warm mellow tone, solid top mahogant, bone bridge and nut, gig bag, strap, tuner, and picks!
Warm mellow tone , solid top mahogany, gig bag, accessories,...and my personal favorite!
Bright, crisp "bell-like" tone, All Bamboo,  bone bridge and nut, gig bag, strap, tuner, and picks!

I love this little guy! Sounds juse like a banjo, strung and tuned like a ukulele.
Highly recommended Comes with Strap, Tuner and other accessories with a two year warranty

Ukulele Accessories

Accommodates a wider and flatter fretboard making it the perfect fit on all tenors, sopranos, concerts, and baritones​


Zinc Alloy