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  1. "I just want to thank you for inspiring me to become skilled at everything there is to learn on the mountain dulcimer. Your workshops are so inspirational. When I got home that evening, I just had to show what I had learned and the new options with the imagination for making me a better player. This is my second workshop and both have been enlightening and worth all the effort you have placed on teaching us future musicians. You construct your workshop for all learning levels making sure that you take the time to spend with each person understanding the instrument and what is being taught for quality knowledge. I look forward to more educational and enhancing music workshops in the near future."
    Carissa Shaffer, Ohio
  2. "A great learning experience with plenty of opportunities to improve. From chording to finger picking, Brett offered large doses of encouragement and support. He took his time and when anyone fell behind, he stopped and made sure everyone understood the lesson and was with the class. His laid back attitude and support only emphasized that anyone can play the mountain dulcimer with style."
    Curt Fairfield, Ohio
  3. "Thanks again for having such a great workshop. You have a great way of explaining things, making it very simple to understand. You give a great deal of information – and I've already applied it to some of the songs I've been playing, what a difference it makes! I've even thought of a few more things to do with a song that you didn't cover, but what you did was get the brain thinking, and now we can create our own songs – how awesome is that!?!"
    Ruth Wright, Ohio
  4. "I just attended a day and a half workshop given but Brett Ridgeway for the mountain dulcimer and it was wonderful!! I am a beginner and so I wasn't sure that it would be fruitful for me to attend this early in my learning but I had no trouble following and understanding. I got much more out of it than I had anticipated. Brett is a great teacher. He does his best to make you feel confident in what you are learning, and his style of teaching lets the material just click. Given the opportunity, I will take more workshops from Brett"
    Laura Smith Ohio
  5. "Just wanted to write a note of thanks for the great dulcimer workshop you put on last weekend! It was very informative and helpful. I have been to a couple of others, but I must say I got the most from your workshop. I really love your Hammered Dulcimer CD lessons, also. I want to purchase the rest of them when I am able to. Thanks again! Please know that if you ever hold another dulcimer workshop in the area, I will be there!"
    Kathy McGinnis, Ohio
  6. "I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop and I learned SO much! It was just what I needed to get off to a good start with my dulcimer, plus it was a lot of fun. I'm really glad I was able to come. Thank you!"
    Sharon Gartley, Ohio