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  1. "This past weekend I attended the annual Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival in Milford, CT. One of the workshop leaders for both types of dulcimers as well as general classes was Brett Ridgeway from PA. This was my first introduction to Brett. He is a true musician who takes joy in sharing his craft. Not only can he play, he can teach (as you can appreciate, these traits don't always go together). Both I and others enjoyed his workshops.
    Chuck Lindsey, Massachusetts
  2. "Your workshops are fantastic! I plan on attending whenever they are offered!"
    Jim Beck, Ohio
  3. "As a fairly new musician, I enjoy attending Brett's workshops. His teaching style is relaxed, humorous, patient and helpful. I always leave a workshop knowing I've learned something new to help me progress as a musician, no matter what instrument I choose to play."
    Lynn Delp, Ohio
  4. "I just attended on of Brett's workshops at Dulcimer Days in Coshocton. I learned more in one hour with Brett than I learned in a three day workshop in Gettysburg, Pa. I am very pleased with his easy and to-the-point teaching methods. I'll be attending many more of his workshops in the future. Kudos to you, Brett for a great workshop!"
    Tammy, Ohio
  5. " I highly recommend Brett Ridgeway, to hammered dulcimer players of all ages and levels of understanding. You do not have to know music theory or even how to read music to come away with a complete package of materials and techniques that will remain with you and your dulcimer for a long time. Brett presents the material at a very comfortable pace, with no pressure to participate if one is not ready. You leave with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed desire to practice...practice...practice!"
    Jay Blizman, Pennsylvania
  6. "Your workshops were fantastic and we are already looking forward to a return visit next year! Brett, you have such a natural way of teaching that it even made learning easier and more relaxed. Fingerpicking has always intimidated me. You removed that intimidation and even as we each worked on our rolls, it sounded as if we knew what we were doing! Follow that with the Learning by Ear and you have me convinced that I CAN actually learn to play without having to read music all the time. Bottom line here? Brett teaches with an ease and freedom that infuses his students with that same ease and freedom to play with passion. Thank you so, so much!"
    Deb Vazquez, Michigan